Ellipse area calculator

An ellipse is a closed curve on a plane, which can be obtained as the intersection of a plane and a circular cylinder, or as an orthogonal projection of a circle onto a plane. A circle is a special case of an ellipse. In order to find out the area of an ellipse, we need to know the length of the two semiaxes or the length of the two axes of the ellipse. If you know the indicated values, we can apply the formula to calculate the area of an ellipse.


Area of an ellipse along the length of two semiaxes

The length of the semi-major axis a:
The length of the minor semiaxis b:

Area of an ellipse along the length of two axes

Major axis length A:
Minor axis length B:

Formula for calculating S – the area along the semiaxes a, b: S = πab

Formula for calculating S – area for axes A, B: S = πAB / 4

Where S is the area, a and b are the semiaxes, A and B are the axes of the ellipse, π is the pi number, which is always approximately 3.14.