Fuel consumption calculator

To perform the calculations, enter the average fuel consumption of your car per 100 / km. Then enter the path you plan to drive. Set the cost of buying car fuel. After clicking on the “Calculate” button, the results will appear: the required amount of fuel (in liters) and the purchase price of this fuel.

Fuel consumption per 100 km:
l / 100 km
Distance traveled:
Fuel cost:
Fuel consumed:
7,8 l
Fuel cost:
349,44 $

How to reduce fuel consumption?

  • periodic technical inspections of the car
  • travel style (without sudden acceleration)
  • proper tire pressure
  • the right choice of fuel brand
  • car weight (the lower the weight, the lower the consumption)
  • manual gearbox consumes 30% less fuel
  • choose tires by season
  • use air conditioning less