Power calculator

The consumed load (power) is directly proportional to the magnitude of the voltage and the flowing current strength. In other words, when the magnitude of the voltage and current changes, the power consumption will proportionally change, this physical quantity is calculated according to the law Joule-Lenz.


Calculate power depending on voltage and amperage

The voltage (U) V:
Amperage (I) Amps:

Calculate voltage depending on power and amperage

Power Current (P) Watts:
Amperage (I) Amps:

Calculate current strength depending on voltage and power

Voltage (U) Volts:
Power Current (P) Watts:

Definitions and formulas

  • P – power, measured in watts and indicated Wt;
  • U – voltage, measured in volts and is indicated by the letter V;
  • I – current strength, measured in amperes and indicated by the letter А.

Electric power — physical quantity characterizing the speed of transmission or conversion of electrical energy.

Formula for calculating power in an electrical circuit: P=UI