Proportionality Calculator

Proportionality (the solution of the proportion) is useful when it is necessary to find out the corresponding value of the numerator / denominator of the fraction in the right/left part of the equality of the proportionate quantities, while three given dimensions out of four are known.

Proportion a b = c d d = b × c a
a =
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b = d =

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Actually, the existing equality of two given quantities (fractions) is called a proportion (from Lat.-“proportionality, a certain ratio of parts”).

An ordinary proportion in mathematics takes the following form:

From here, you can express any of the quantities whose dimension should be found. For example, if you want to determine the dimension of the numerator a, then you need to multiply b by c, and divide the resulting value by d, i.e..

if it is necessary to determine the dimension of the denominator b, then it is necessary to multiply a by d, and divide the resulting value by c, i.e.