Rectangle area

A rectangle is a quadrangle in which all angles are right and equal to 90 degrees, and the opposite sides are parallel and equal in pairs.Формула нахождения площади прямоугольника через стороны и диагональ

Area of a rectangle through its sides
Side а:
Side b:

Diagonal area of a rectangle
Diagonal d:
Angle between diagonals α:

Rectangle properties

  • A rectangle has opposite sides equal and parallel
  • The sides of the rectangle are its heights
  • The diagonals of the rectangle are equal, intersect, and the intersection is halved.
  • The square of the diagonal of a rectangle is equal to the sum of the squares of its two adjacent sides (by the Pythagorean theorem)
  • The rectangle is a parallelogram, its opposite sides are pairwise parallel
  • A circle can be described around any rectangle, and the diagonal of the rectangle is equal to the diameter of the circumscribed circle, the radius is equal to the half-diagonal.